Welcome to the wiki for MORN 102: Bullshit!

If you're a student in Dr. Rachel Robson's Composition and Communication class on Bullshit at Morningside College, Spring semester 2009, this is the place you'll post your second and final papers, and discuss/review the papers of others.

Be sure to tag your papers appropriately: Policy-Papers is the tag for your second paper, and Final-Papers is the tag for the final paper. Papers I've posted for you to use as models are posted under the "Samples" tag, as well as under the tags for the relevant assignments.

Turnitin.com class ID is 2572633

Conference Schedule:

Tuesday, March 31
9:00 a.m. Curt Maassen
10:00 a.m. Natasha Hemmelrick
11:00 a.m. Brady
12:00 p.m. Dan Foreman
1:00 p.m. Joel VanWyk
2:00 p.m Michael Gruber
4:00 p.m. Elizabeth Lippke

Thursday, March 19

10:00 a.m. Abby Duin
11:00 a.m. Blake Patterson
2:00 p.m. Caleb Caboth
3:00 p.m. Michael Gruber
4:00 p.m. Melissa Cruise

Policy speech schedule!

As you know, the week we return from Spring Break we'll start our first set of formal speeches (the speech to accompany your policy paper.) The first draft of your policy paper must be posted to the wiki and turned in to me no later than 2 school days before your speech. Please do make sure you post your paper on the wiki and tag it with the "policy-papers" tag; if you don't, your paper will be counted late for every day it isn't posted on the wiki. (The late penalty for this assignment is losing 5%, or 1/2 a letter grade, off the value of the assignment for every day that it's late.) Keep in mind that on the wiki, you must both cite your sources as you would on the paper copy of your paper (i.e., using APA style) AND as properly-formatted hyperlinks.

Our first set of speeches will be on Wednesday, March 11. THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO SPEAK THIS DAY YOU MUST TURN IN THE ROUGH DRAFT OF YOUR PAPER ON MONDAY, MARCH 9, THE DAY WE RETURN FROM SPRING BREAK. You'll also have to post your paper to the wiki no later than the start of class on Monday, March 9 if you are scheduled to present on Wednesday, March 11.

Here's our speaking schedule for presentation of policy speeches. The day your paper is due (to me AND posted on the wiki, formatted properly) is also listed:

Speech: Wednesday, March 11 (Paper due Monday, March 9):
Caleb Caboth
Allison Von Ehwegen
Jaime Parkinson
Maggie Karns
Michael Miller

Speech: Friday, March 13 (Paper due Wednesday, March 11):
Sean Roberts
Brady Lakes
Molly Even
Joel Van Wyk
Melissa Cruise

Speech: Monday, March 16 (Paper due Friday, March 13):
Jake Moreland
Blake Patterson
Dan Foreman
Elizabeth Lippke
Tasha Hemmelrick

Speech: Friday, March 20 (Paper due Monday, March 16):
Sarah Ellenberger
Bryce Williamson
Abby Duin
Curt Maassen
Michael Gruber

Please read George Orwell's classic essay, "Politics and the English Language" for discussion on Monday, March 9.

Please read Yves Smith's blog post on Twitter, language and Orwell if you haven't already done so.

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