Abby's Paper

January 18, 2009
Sugarland is the Best
By Abby Duin
When most people think of country music they think of George Jones, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Kenny Chesney and Faith Hill, but when it comes to music that touches people and is a wide variety of musical influences, Sugarland is the best.
Everybody thinks that country music is hillbilly, back woods, foot-pounding music. Sugarland has a different style. They write their music from the heart and from the fans perspective. They believe that a good writer should put themselves in the fans’ shoes and write what they feel. Jennifer Nettles and fellow band-mate Kristian Bush have a wide variety of influences that range from R.E.M. to the Indigo Girls to the Police and Poison. Since they are such huge fans of music, they know what the fans want.
Some of their music is the traditional backwoods music (like the catchy Genevieve or Steve Earle from the newly released Love on the Inside), but they also have a pop-rock side (Settlin’ or Everyday America from the Enjoy the Ride cd.) This wide range brings in people that do not like the traditional country sound. Like Ann Powers said: “The 17 songs on the 71-minute "deluxe fan edition" warm to traditions like bluegrass, Muscle Shoals soul and the talking blues, but at its heart, it's all about the unsnobby eclecticism of crossover pop." Ann also said:"Well nothing cures the blues — temporarily, but still — better than uplifting, substantial, unifying, humanizing music. I'm here to tell you, fellow mopers, America needs Sugarland." Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are breaking the barriers when it comes to bringing in fans of different musical backgrounds.
Sugarland is also breaking the barriers in a different sense. “On July 29, 2008, they released their third album, Love on the Inside, which debuted at the top of the country charts, scoring over 313,600 copies sold in its first week, and giving the duo the #1 country debut of 2008.” said Shelby Fabian. 2008 was a huge year for Sugarland. They won Vocal Duo of the Year for both the CMA Awards and the CMT Awards; they also won Song and Single of the Year for Stay at the Academy of Country Music Awards. If you want a fun night go to a Sugarland concert. They could pass out bubbles and glow sticks or they could surf over the crowd in big plastic bubbles. You never know what is going to happen at a Sugarland concert, and I believe that is what makes fans love them so much.
Their love for singing and song writing shows through when they come on stage. Jennifer and Kristian never stop smiling. They both entertain the crowd in different ways. Jennifer makes you feel a connection with her and the song while Kristian is jumping off the drum set and jamming on his guitar or mandolin. They also connect with the fans in other ways. During Everyday America, Jennifer is known to ask the audience to sing along and even points the microphone towards the audience while Kristian hands out a guitar signed by him and Jennifer to an anxious and excited fan
“Even if you weren’t a big fan of Sugarland, it was hard not to enjoy the concert with their infectious charisma and love for performing live." said a fan after a show. If you want to go to a fun concert that you can bring the kids to, Sugarland is at the top of my list. Jen bounces around while Kristian jams on his mandolin. Going to a Sugarland concert is fun for all ages. Whitney Pastorek best said: “You would have to be a huge jerk to not fall in love with Sugarland.” Their energy is so infectious you leave the show feeling you could conquer the world.

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