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Diet Pills
By Maggie Karns

All across the world, everyday, someone is buying a dietary supplement. It’s almost impossible to sit down and watch a regular television program without seeing a commercial for a diet pill. The advertisements for these so called “diet pills” catch many peoples’ attention. Many people find it intriguing that with one simple pill, your body fat will just melt away. People feed into this concept and actually believe that diet pills could be the resolutions to their weight problems. Weight loss supplements do help you lose weight, but not if you’re sitting at home on the couch, you need to get moving.
Along with taking a diet pill, the advertisements state that by taking this certain diet pill, you won’t have to work out. Many people believe that the diet pill will just speed up your metabolism, causing you to lose weight without working out.
I would like to argue this. In order to successfully lose weight while taking a diet supplement, exercise is required.
Most people who decide that they want to start taking dietary supplements have no idea what is actually in the pill itself. Over the counter diet pills usually contain caffeine, which increases your heart rate and metabolism. Your nervous system is stimulated by caffeine, but doesn’t contain calories in which is your bodies fuel. It also gives you more energy to work out, if you’re working out. If not, the excess caffeine in your body can cause complications such as mood swings, nervousness, or even high blood pressure. Other pills contain herbal green tea which has been shown to increase metabolism and slows fat production.
Today, there are over four hundred weight loss productions on the market. Many of the products being sold state that the products are all natural, when actually, they are not. Individuals who are taking dietary supplements think that if they simply take the pill and decide not to exercise, the pill is doing the same work, when its not. Exercise is important in helping you maintain a healthy weight.
Many people find it necessary to lose weight, not only the morbidly obese, but also perfectly healthy, proportionate people. So why do so many people lean towards diet pills to solve their weight problems? Working hard to lose weight naturally is not something that today’s Americans’ are going to do. Quick fixes are what we want because we want things to get done right away, and we will do anything to make sure that they get done. WebMD experts agreed that there’s no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to losing weight. American’s don’t usually plan to work out, or even stick to their work out plan, making their dietary supplements ineffective.
Today’s society is all about looking good and being skinny. Businesses have taken advantage of this situation and decided that they are going to make supplement pills and give America what it really wants, not so much needs. Most people who write about weight loss pills are the ones who are making money from it. The companies know that dietary supplements may not be the most effective way to lose weight, but they know what they’re doing. Diet pill companies have targeted the American Society because obesity in America is becoming a huge issue. Big companies spend tons of money and time researching their diet pills. They tweak them, rename them, and put them right back out on the market.
When most people sit down to eat, they don’t think about how much exercise they are actually going to have to do in order to lose the fats that they just consumed. When taking a diet pill, most of the people taking the diet pill will watch what they are eating, but they’re not exercising because they don’t think that they have to. People forget about reading the fine print. With a combination of diet pills, healthy foods, and exercise, most people can lose weight successfully.
Weight loss supplements help with weight reduction by causing you to eat less food during meals and between meals, which is caused by the chemical known as phentermine. It makes you feel less hungry. Pills also give you energy, which if it’s not let out, again it will cause “nervousness and anxiety”, says Dr. Lawrence Jones in New York Times.
Diet pills help us lose weight but they don’t force people to work out. “A pill can make a person less hungry, but it can’t tell them how to eat,” says Michael Anchors, MD. The pill is just a center piece and part of the puzzle. I can only stress so much and hope that anyone who is taking a dietary supplement is also working out because this the only way to get and obtain effective results.

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