wiki vs encyclopedias

The BBC news reports on a the accuracy of wikipedia vs the Britannica encyclopedia.(

"The free online resource Wikipedia is about as accurate on science as the Encyclopedia Britannica, a study shows."
"The British journal Nature examined a range of scientific entries on both works of reference and found few differences in accuracy. "
This week Nature published a study on the reliability of Wikipedia in comparison to the Britannica encyclopaedia. 50 science articles were chosen from both encyclopaedias and send for "blind" peer review. The result from 42 returned usable reviews:
"But reviewers also found many factual errors, omissions or misleading statements: 162 and 123 in Wikipedia and Britannica, respectively."

I read a case study, okay i skimmed "Investigations into Trust for Collaborative Information
Repositories: A Wikipedia Case Study " and it talked about how great wikipedia is as long as people trust!

We also discuss One of the strengths of a collaborative information repository is
that it may benefit from contributions of a wide diversity of users.

however if we don't trust then we can't accept what is on there and its no longer a viable source.

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